The Northeast Advanced Technology and Education Center (NEATEC) is an Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Regional Center funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The vision of NEATEC has been to build a highly skilled technical workforce for the northeast US region and create a career pipeline that builds interest in the semiconductor and nanotechnology manufacturing fields from secondary school to community college to 4-year comprehensive colleges/universities.

Industry Coordination:

  • Innovate effective ways to identify key skillset needs of regional high-tech industries;
  • Engage in targeted training programs to directly support advanced technology industries in New York State and Western New England.

Community College Network Expansion:

  • Expand the reach of NEATEC across the region through engagement of a larger number of community colleges and industry partners;
  • Expand the adoption by Community College partners of the eight Nanotechnology courses developed by Fairfield University, a NEATEC partner.

NEATEC’s Physical Infrastructure:

  • Establish NEATEC as a physical and teaching-lab resource for the region’s advanced technology education programs;
  • Extensive expansion of the highly successful NEATEC/SUNY Poly/GE experiential learning activities including cleanroom internships, shadowing, co-ops, etc…
  • Creation of the NEATEC Technical Training Center (NTTC) for workshop/short course development and hosting (faculty and senior students at NEATEC partners).

6-12 Outreach:

  • Creation of new nanotech modules for the 6-12 community with hands-on activity kits;
  • Expansion of the offering of the NEATEC created high-school courses “Nanotechnology Overview” and “Mathematics for Emerging Technologies” to other schools/states.