NEATEC has been very active in outreach activities bringing awareness of the centers goals and objectives to school districts, community colleges, universities and industry throughout New York State and Western New England. These outreach activities are critical as a new center establishes their identity.

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) divides the state into ten regions. Each region contains one or more Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), and each BOCES supports several school districts. In all, NYS is made up of 912 school districts comprising of 4,730 schools with 2,766,052 students. Since one of NEATEC’s outreach goals is to reach out to as many of these school districts as possible, our strategy early on was to work with the regional BOCES who would be our advocate for getting more visibility and helping us set up meetings with superintendents and principals of their respective school districts. We have also established key relationships within universities, community colleges and industry.

NEATEC outreach activities have had the following effect:

  • Working closely with school districts to provide an option for nanotechnology education to high school students and assist in arranging workshops.
  • Awareness and learning modules for K-12 students.
  • Professional development for teachers and administrators through NEATEC conferences, workshops and seminars.
  • Establishing partnerships within academia and industry.
  • Creating enthusiasm within the STEM faculty whereas several have led the efforts in creating K-12 learning modules.
  • Superintendent / principal meetings to bring awareness as to NEATEC’s mission and goals.
  • Guidance councilors and parents now have a much better understanding as to the nanotechnology and semiconductor manufacturing industry as it relates to career pathways.
  • Working with universities and community colleges in developing a capstone course on nanotechnology.
  • Working closely with industry and determining skill sets required for graduates to get hired. These skill sets would help the center define the development of courses and modules.

To schedule a time to for a NEATEC representative to present to your faculty and leadership team, contact us.

Albany region:

Abraham Michelen: Managing Director, Co-Principal Investigator
Email: amichelen@sunypoly.edu

Patrizia Spears: Nanotechnology Workforce and Education Coordinator
Email: pspears@sunypoly.edu

Utica region:

Kathleen Alcott: Associate Director
Email: alcottk@sunyit.edu