NEATEC is committed to enhancing your nanotechnology education with a Nanotechnology / Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (SMT) internship.

This is an excellent way to be introduced to the field, as well as a way to determine whether or not you would truly enjoy a job in that specialization. It’s also a great way for an employer to evaluate you since industry today is keen on making full time hires from internships since they know the employee and can determine how they can contribute. Internships are valuable since they often provide credit towards a degree and with some companies, an intern salary. Very often, we have a university that offers technician internships for undergraduates looking to be introduced to the application of nanofabrication. Interns are typically selected by faculty / industry staff and must be in good academic standing.

The Nanotechnology / SMT field offers students with many educational paths that leads to several options for career paths. Having real world experience is crucial in defining your career since it will provide you with useful skills into a particular field in the nanotechnology / SMT field. NEATEC has cultivated key industry relationships to place our students in internships. These include the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Maryland, GE Global Research, IBM, SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) and SEMATECH to name a few.

Where do you start to find a nanotechnology internship?

It goes without saying that your greatest resource in finding that next opportunity is who you know. Finding that nanotechnology / SMT internship is no different. Your professors and academic advisors are your biggest resource since they have already established key relationships in the field. You should also utilize those who are already in industry, such as past colleagues that work for a company that you are interested in. NEATEC can also help.