UTICA — If you think of manufacturing facilities as old and dirty buildings filled with fewer and fewer dedicated employees — well, you would be dead wrong.

That’s what Rick Short, corporate associate vice president and senior director of marketing communications at Indium Corporation, would tell you anyway.

“It’s the longevity,” said Short, who has been with Indium for just over 35 years. “When you have people that have worked here for a long time it’s very easy for us to all become friends. So now you have a strong central culture being espoused by everyone. It spreads very easily and naturally.”

According to Assistant Plant Manager Carolyn Cardone — with Indium for just over a year — the atmosphere at the company is unlike any other she has ever experienced.

“I’ve worked at multiple manufacturing sites throughout my career,” Cardone said. “I can honestly say the feeling of inclusion and family atmosphere within Indium is very strong. They care very deeply about their employees.”