Training Workshops

These workshops are intended for secondary and community college faculty, staff and students who want to increase their skill sets. Please contact us at for an upcoming workshop schedule. 


  • Mechatronics Workshop
  • Photovoltaic Nanofabrication Workshop
  • Pneumatics Technology Workshop
  • Basic Vacuum Technology Workshop
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Technology Workshop
  • Advanced Vacuum and Plasma Processing Workshop

NEATEC Workshop Offerings

For information on upcoming workshops, please contact us at 

Mechatronics Workshop

This is a 3 day hands-on workshop offered at either SUNY Polytechnic’s Albany Campus or Mohawk Valley Community College (MVCC). Students will learn about industrial automation, PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers), robotics and other related topics used in advanced manufacturing in a mechatronics laboratory.

Photovoltaic Nanofabrication Workshop

This two day, hands-on training will provide an introduction to photovoltaic nanofabrication techniques and processes. This workshop is offered at SUNY Polytechnic’s Albany campus. Students will spend all of day 2 working in a clean room.

Pneumatics Technology Workshop

This Hybrid course features several online modules focusing on air filtrations, compressors, lubrication, regulation, piping, directional control valves and actuators. After the modules are complete, a full day of training will be provided in MVCC’s Pneumatics lab where students will use simulation software to design, verify and observe the functioning of numerous pneumatic circuits.

Basic Vacuum Technology Workshop

This one and a half day, hands-on workshop focuses on the need to create and manage vacuum systems in the semiconductor and nanotechnology manufacturing industries. This workshop is offered at SUNY Polytechnic’s Albany campus.

Radio Frequency (RF) Technology Workshop

This 2 day workshop will be a combination of lecture and “hands-on” instruction. Both days will be offered at MVCC’s RF lab. Topics will include the nature of RF, frequencies commonly used and measurement tools. Applications in Semiconductor Manufacturing, transmission lines, connectors, and complete RF Systems are discussed.

Advanced Vacuum and Plasma Processing Workshop

This 2-3 day workshop is near completion and is a combination of lecture and “hands-on” instruction. This will be available to be offered in SUNY Poly’s Albany site, MVCC, and other sites as needed. Topics will include advanced vacuum principles (equipment, pressure measurement technology) and applications to our advanced vacuum/plasma training system.