About the Workshops

56 hours of training: 8 hours online, 48 hours hands-on experience

Three opportunities to participate:


Each workshop series consists of three parts:


Part I:

Advanced Manufacturing Practices (AMP), 16 Hours of hands-on training at Jefferson Community College (JCC), Watertown


In Advanced Manufacturing Practices (AMP), you will gain this knowledge and these skills:

  • Identify and describe basic measurement tools
  • Understand how to use the basic measurement tools
  • Identify and describe elements of quality tools to its respective industrial production and processes
  • Describe basic mechanical systems
  • Describe basic machining/assembly concepts
  • Identify and explain basic electrical concepts
  • Understand basic assembly tasks for fluid power systems
  • Demonstrate basic technical print reading
  • Demonstrate the ability to use basic assembly tools/hardware
  • Demonstrate the ability to assemble and crimp electrical connectors
  • Describe various types of fasteners and understand where they are used
  • Demonstrate basic understanding of motor control
  • Demonstrate basic understanding of parallel versus series circuits
  • Understand how to use a multimeter


Part II:


Pneumatics Technology, 16 Hours of training- 8 hours online, 8 hours hands on at JCC

In Pneumatics Technology, you will gain this knowledge and these skills:

  • Demonstrate proper use of PPE (personal protective equipment) and safety dress
  • Demonstrate safe operating procedure for various control circuits in class and in lab
  • Interpret fluid power graphic/pictorial symbols from a fluid power circuit drawing
  • Explain the behavior, and design simple pneumatic control circuits in the context of standard engineering applications
  • Describe and understand the purpose of various hardware within pneumatic control circuits, such as: relief valves, safety valves, pressure regulators, pressure switches, etc.
  • Learn to analyze, diagram, and create simple pneumatic circuits
  • Troubleshoot basic problems within pneumatic systems


Part III:


Mechatronics, 24 Hours of hands on training at Mohawk Valley Community College, Utica

In Mechatronics, you will gain this knowledge and these skills:

  • Introduce the need for Mechatronics in the semiconductor industry
  • Present an overview of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) as used by the semiconductor industry
  • Learn about control systems: open and closed loops • Introduce concepts of pneumatic systems
  • Demonstrate the use of various sensors to monitor cleanroom processes
  • Learn how to troubleshoot electro-mechanical systems
  • Understand safety techniques in an industrial environment


Soldiers from Fort Drum with employers representing GlobalFoundries, Danfoss Silicon Power, Bartell Machinery and HMI Metal Powders- Pratt & Whitney at January 2018 Advanced Manufacturing Technician Training Workshop Series. Equipment pictured is a mechatronics training unit.