10 Reasons Why Manufacturers Should Hire Vets

Do You Have Some Electrical/Mechanical Skills?
Are You Looking for a High Paying, High Tech Civilian Job?

NEATEC offers Advanced Manufacturing Technician Training through Fort Drum’s Soldier for Life- Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP) for Soldiers Within One Year of Transitioning or to Recently Transitioned Veterans.

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  1. They accelerate the learning curve- used to learning new things
  2. Proven leaders
  3. Understand the importance of teamwork
  4. Promote diversity and inclusion
  5. Perform well under pressure
  6. Respect procedures
  7. Attuned to global and technological trends
  8. Integrity and know how to work and can be trusted with IP (security clearances)
  9. Aware of health and safety standards
  10. Triumphant in the face of adversity

Source: Department of Labor