In collaboration with NEATEC, NIST offers a full semester internship in semiconductor and nanotechnology manufacturing processes

This is an opportunity for college students or recent college graduates to learn about semiconductor and nanotechnology manufacturing processes by working on the NIST campus at the CNST, one of the most advanced centers in the nation. The students will be personally mentored by scientists and engineers at the CNST.

The NanoFab, part of NIST’s Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST), provides researchers with rapid access to state-of-the-art, commercial nanoscale measurement and fabrication tools and methods, along with associated technical expertise, at economical hourly rates. Well equipped to process and characterize a wide range of nanoscale materials, structures, and devices, the NanoFab provides a unique hands-on experience.  The program was launched in February, 2014 and it has run 7 sessions with total of 9 interns so far. The duration of each session is typically 12 – 18 weeks during which the students received intensive training on nanotechnology related fabrication and characterization. The program helped to prepare several students for industries immediately after the internship and prepared students for next level of advanced education. The program has been a great success.

NanoFab at CNST/NIST

General Information:

NEATEC will sponsor 3 students per term.

  • Deadline For the applications
    • Spring Term: November 30th
    • Summer Term: March 30th
    • Fall Term 2019: July 26th 
  • No cost to you.
  • Learn about clean rooms, lithography, deposition, etching, CMP, metrology, etc.

Minimum Qualifications

  • The program is designed for 2-year and/or 4-year college students or college graduates from an engineering or technology program
  • GPA of 3.0 or better.
  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Strong background in math and electrical, semiconductor, nanotechnology, or related technological area.

Roger Kardys from RPI

Ashley McConnell – summer 2016


You will receive:

  • A weekly stipend of $650 for the duration of the internship.
    An allowance of $500 for travel expenses.

Send inquiries about the program to:

Abraham Michelen: Managing Director, Co-Principal Investigator

NEATEC NIST Internship Application: 



Testimonial: the following is an article published at the NIST quarterly newsletter featuring one our NEATEC interns  at work during the summer of 2016.

Chris Deitrick from SUNY Poly

Paul Barrett, from HVCC working FIB (Focused Ion Beam)/ SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope)

CNST: From Internship To Job

During a four-month internship in the NanoFab, Alex Galli applied his computer skills to implement and configure new quality control software. He began a full-time job at a major aerospace corporation the week after his internship ended. Read full article here.

Alex Galli, Photo Credit CNST/NIST

Ashley McConnell – summer 2016