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The Northeast Advanced Technological Education Center (NEATEC) was established in September 2010 through the National Science Foundation (NSF) Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program.

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For Educators

slide2-280x165Here you will find K-12 Resources, Post Secondary Resources, Professional Development opportunities. This will include developed learning modules and how to access them, video lectures, conference key notes, powerpoints, course outlines, teacher handbooks, access to lab kits, meeting announcements, etc…

For Students

top15-280x1651Students can access information on colleges programs that offer degree and certificate programs in Nanosciences and semiconductor manufacturing.


slide3-339x165NEATEC has been very active in outreach activities bringing awareness of the centers goals and objectives to school districts, community colleges, universities and industry throughout New York State and Western New England. These outreach activities are critical as a new center establishes their identity.


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